The Prepaid Card That Simplified My Life

Who else thinks that prepaid debit cards are the best thing ever?! You never have to worry about overdraft charges or the ridiculous monthly maintenance fees that banks charge. If you are anything like me you love the convenience of direct deposit. Is that possible with a prepaid debit card? Of course, it is! 🙂

I began job hunting in January and opening up a bank account was one of the things I needed to do but there was no way I was dragging Christopher to the bank I would have lost my sh*t!!

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Coincidently, the day I was offered a job position (the job I was dying for) I received a letter in the mail from a company called NetSpend Corporation. At first, I thought it was an annoying credit card offer but when I began reading the letter inside it was actually an invitation to sign up for their prepaid debit card. It caught my attention when I read the words No activation fee, No minimum balance, No credit check.” I continued reading it claimed that you could receive your money up to 2 days faster! Only $5/month!! After that, my mind was made up.


I signed up that same day and received my card in the mail about a week later. It was very easy to set up and get started. I’ve been using their card since mid-January and have been very pleased. I can only think of one complaint.


No credit check

No activation fee

No minimum balance

Cashback rewards

Get paid up to 2 days faster – My fav 😀

Mobile App

Custom Card just $4.95

Mobile check load

Overdraft Protection


ATM Fees (No way around it)

I hope I have been able to help guide you in the right direction. If you know of any others that you absolutely love, I’d love to hear about it. Are you currently using a NetSpend debit card? I’d love to hear your experience with it!


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