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My name is Martha Torres, I am a 23-year-old Kansas City native and I have a 23-month-old little monster named Christopher. Begining my journey in Motherhood at such a young age was the most difficult role that I have taken on. From the day I peed on the pregnancy stick and saw those two pink lines I knew that my life would forever change. I was growing life inside of me. A life that I knew would forever be in my hands.

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Motherhood is difficult. There are a lot of struggles which aren’t talked about because as Mothers we like to only show the good, happy, & positive on social media. I am different. I want to be transparent and share with you all the highs and lows of Motherhood at such a young age. All while juggling a job, a love life, housework, and personal time.

I originally wanted to focus on a fashion blog because of my love for putting together cute cheap outfits but after a lot of thought, I decided why not do a Mommy/lifestyle blog? I have so much to share from mom life, recipes, money saving tips, and more!! Stay tuned I have lots of exciting content planned.

Motherhood at a young age is hard…. but NOT impossible. I invite you all to walk in my shoes. To take a look at my struggles.. my journey and growth as a mother and a woman.

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