Clean Out That Closet… It Will Help With Your Anxiety

This past Monday I stayed home with Christopher, he was feeling a little under the weather. He had been fighting a fever all weekend. I knew it would be a day where he would be curled up on the couch watching his favorite YouTube Channel, Bob The Train, while occasionally shouting “MAMAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” because his Lego fell off the couch (eye-roll lol). I decided that in between all of that I would take advantage and do some much-needed closet purging to help relieve some of my anxiety.

Did you know that an unorganized closet can actually cause anxiety & stress? LOOK. IT. UP.

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Christopher’s closet and drawers were overflowing with clothes that no longer fit him. For the longest, he was wearing 18-24 months/2T then overnight he was wearing 3T/4T! It was giving me anxiety looking at all of that clothes because it was just taking up space. When looking for his daily outfits it was a battle to control my anxiety. Everything I would pull out was the wrong size!!!! I sorted thru everything, folded & organized what fit, bagged and categorized what didn’t so that I could post for sale. I felt amazing after that. Looking at a clean and organized closet/dresser.

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Cleaning out his closet and drawers really helped relieve some of my anxiety. When I see unorganized messes it spikes my anxiety. Add not being able to find clothes that fit…….even more of an anxiety spike. Keep in mind I took on this task on a day that my son was feeling under the weather. I would much rather have been snuggled up on the couch with him but I knew that if I continued to put it off it would have gotten worse. BOTH the mess & my anxiety. I was able to tackle other clothing organization tasks as well as general housework. All, while my son was chilling on the couch, snuggled up snacking on too many Goldfish Crackers (these are my fave! The bag is resealable)…

If you suffer from anxiety like I do. I suggest you take a morning to tackle a task that you have been putting off and that’s been causing your anxiety to spike. For me, it was my son’s overflowing closet. For you, it might be a pile of laundry that still needs to be folded or a hall closet that’s about to explode. Whatever it is I promise it will help with your anxiety.


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